Sunday, 22 September 2013

Special Challenge #16 - Save the King (Part 4)

Save the King

Item Breakdown:
Accessory - All Classes
Weapon - Mage
Armor - Mage
Helmet - Mage

Challenge Information:
Save the King returns for a 4th time, nothing is different from the previous Save the King events other than the rewards on offer.

The items in this special challenge are terrible. Not a single fixed buff in sight, nothing 4 socket and no real decent stats. I'd farm these for materials and to have extra items in your encyclopedia, other than that the set is pretty useless.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

MagnaCarta II - In-Depth Review


MagnaCarta II despite it's numbering is a self contained title rather than a direct sequel of the previous title in the series (which was on the PS2.) The game has a somewhat cliche "save the world" theme to its rhetoric and there's plenty of cheesy social interactions between the character which will leave you thinking "oh please." However, despite the seasoning of parmesan the characters personalities are covered in, the story turns out to be more intricate than initial impressions would lead one to believe.

MagnaCarta II is a two disc title, and this somewhat baffles one. The visuals are not impressive for the 360 console and neither is the game particularly long. There aren't too many high-res pretty cutscenes either. So how the game manages to take up 2 discs is quite honestly beyond my comprehension.

The game is a single player fantasy KRPG (Korean RPG) which means in terms of gameplay and RPG style it's incredibly similar to the JRPG in terms of themes, ideas and game mechanics used. You'll get about 30-35 hours of core gameplay from the title not including achievement hunting and additional quests. The game has 1 DLC which adds 240 gamerscore, some bonus cutscenes and some overpowered weapons for your characters to steamroll through the game.

The game uses a simply customisation experience, you purchase items/gear from shops (monsters don't drop loot, just money/potions) and you choose your skills via some very basic skill trees, each character has 2 skill trees which are linked to their weapons, essentially you can choose to specialise in one weapon type (For example: 1 handed sword or 2 handed sword for the protagonist Juto) If your only experience of a JRPG series is Final Fantasy, MagnaCarta II would be Final Fantasy 8, both games are based in Civil wars, both games have you in the army and both games have you trotting across the world killing monster and foe alike in the name of military conquest.

Friday, 30 August 2013

Special Challenge #15 - Castle Defence

Castle Defence

Item Breakdown:
Shield - Cleric & Warrior
Weapon - Cleric
Armor - Cleric
Helmet - Cleric

Challenge Information:
This event introduces the new game type "Castle Defence" which is an 8 player co-op mode, in Castle Defence mode you must defend the castle from hordes and hordes of enemies rather than capture towers. All areas of the map past tower 1 are barriered off, and at least for this event, the mode only seems to use the map "Rainbow."

This is probably the most difficult special challenge launched by ToyLogic to date, it is incredibly fun gameplay wise although frustrating to beat. The innovative element of this special challenge is the new "meat" system. Every time you get 150 EXP you earn meat. Meat can be used on upgrades to make yourself and your fortifications more powerful, or to make meat easier to get by requiring lower amounts of EXP to earn it.